The Ghostwriter’s Wife, the second book of The Ghostwriter’s Series, as the initial book in the series, The Involuntary Ghostwriter, consists of overlapping narrative threads. One continues the epic tale of the Creator, The Words, and the other, as the title suggests, tells the story of ANNIE FRY, the wife of Jonathon Fry, The Involuntary Ghostwriter. And, with her discovery of what had kept her husband so occupied the past year and what she entitles, The Words, Annie’s epiphany of not only wronging her husband but robbing herself of what she’d been so thoroughly enjoying reawakens her sexual appetite and unleashes a newfound adventurousness. The Words continues with the future Creator and His Wife venturing forth to establish a foothold for their continuing quest for immortality and wealth, the latter not as a goal in itself but that of financing their pursuit of the prior, their ultimate goal – hers in a medical research lab in the quest for the fountain of youth, his in a technological startup that will reshape the world. And, in their rare free time, they discover Naked-Hide-And-Seek, and Wigs-And-Things before filling their home with bald-headed teenage geniuses and discovering orgies in the attic.

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